A Unified Advocate

Building Trades Employers Association (BTEA) is the construction contractor’s unified advocate for construction safety standards, professional development, government affairs and public relations. We are committed to fostering communication between public officials, public and private owners, labor and the general public.

The construction industry in New York is essential for a vibrant economy, and the creation of high-paying jobs and a stable middle class. BTEA’s activities are dedicated to creating a building environment that meets the highest standards, integrity, cost efficiency, productivity and value that contributes to improving the quality of life for all New Yorkers.

Advancing the Highest Quality Construction Standards

BTEA is committed to leadership, action and excellence. Our contractors operate the safest job sites in the country, while delivering the highest quality projects at the best value for private, public and institutional owners.

BTEA is dedicated to a built environment that meets the highest safety, environmental standards, integrity, cost efficiency, productivity and value that contributes to improving the quality of life in New York City.

Fueling New York’s
Middle Class

BTEA’s membership and contractor associations create substantial, quality and sustainable jobs throughout New York. Amid an economy full of student debt and unstable employment, we provide New York City’s middle class with dependable and rewarding opportunities – with proven potential for growth.


BTEA is the organizational center of 26 member associations where construction industry leadership gathers together, both to advance industry standards as well as to unite on matters of mutual interest that affect public policy.

Our 26 member associations include multi-billion dollar internationally recognized firms to small and mid-sized specialty subcontractor firms. The projects these companies collectively build include high-rise commercial buildings, hospitals, corporate offices, hotels, roads and bridges, residential buildings, museums, schools and government facilities.

BTEA Member Associations

Steve Davi

Allied Building Metal Industries

270 Madison Avenue,
Suite 401
New York, NY 10016

T: (212) 697-5551
F: (212) 818-0976

Bruce Ruinsky

Association of Master Painters and Decorators

370 7th Avenue, Room 418
New York, New York 10001

T: (212) 697-4790
F: (212) 687-4401

Danielle Mannino

Association of Electrical Contractors

315 W. 36th St. Suite 5.071
New York, NY 10018

T: (718) 752-0800
F: (718) 752-0805