Minority And Women Business-Owned Enterprise [MWBE] Leadership Council

The goal of the MWBE Leadership Council is to hold quarterly meetings to discuss key issues facing the industry. It plans to sponsor several seminars on key issues to provide a forum for thought leadership in this important area of the industry.

In addition, the Council holds meetings with City and State Officials to discuss issues related to their MWBE and diversity programs. If there are policy differences among stakeholders, Council members take an active role in determining the best courses of action to take. The Council contributes to an annual policy briefing as well as contributing suggestions for BTEA testimony on specific issues.

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Stephanie Burns

Vice President
Turner Construction Co.

Christine Donaldson-Boccia

Executive Manager
JD Traditional Industries

Donna Licciardi

Director of Technical Services
Skanska USA

Paul Vieira

Founder and President
IDL Communications & Electric

General Counsel

Charles Williams, III

Peckar & Abramson

Council Members

Paul Crilly

Structure Tone, Inc.

Kristine DeNapoli

KND Electric

Nanci-Jean DeNapoli

KND Electric

Lorraine D’Angelo

LDA Compliance Consulting

Christine Danielo

Trio Testing

Robert Saville

Five Star Electric

Tim Dillon

Hunter Roberts Construction Group

Felice Farber

General Contractors Association.

Anthony Florez

Sirina Fire

Kendry Frias

Plaza Construction Corp.

Victor Gany

Center Sheet Metal

Jodi Garofolo

G Squared Electric

Naomi Glean

WDF, Inc.

Maureen Henegan

Henegan Construction

Lisa Howlett

Hunter Roberts Construction Group

Bernadette Jeronimo

JCF Electric

Prakash Kapadia

Kanta Electric

Hank Kita

Subcontractors Trade  Association

Carol Kleinberg

Kleinberg Electric

Jonathan Konovitch

AECOM Tishman

Edwin Lopez

New York Electrical Contractors Association

Nayada Lugji


Danielle Mannino

Association of Electrical Contractors

Aislin McGuire

Contractors Association of Greater NY

Raymond McGuire

Contractors Association of Greater NY

Cheryl McKissack

McKissack & McKissack

Sam Mirian

Megrant Corp.

Suzanne Miritello

Skanska USA

Nina Nicassio

Hunter Roberts Construction Group

Craig Noller

Building Contractors Association.

Raquel Nunez

Nunez Electric

John O’Hare

Building Contractors Association.

Nayan Parikh

Ashnu International

Flora Ramos

AECOM Tishman Construction

Peter Rescigno

New York Electrical Contractors Association

Veronica Rose

Aurora Electric

Renee Sacks, Ph.D.

Women Builders Council

Sylvie Straus-Figueroa

Roofing & Waterproofing Contractors Association

Rosemary Toscano

Plaza Construction Corp.

Vicky Wonsang

Eastern Electric Corp.

Andis Woodlief

Contractor Compliance LLC


Contractors’ Guide to the Reauthorized Article 15-A

This report entitled, “Contractors’ Guide to the Reauthorized Article 15-A: New York State Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises Rules and Regulations”, outlines the changes to Article 15-A made by the New York State Government.

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